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BMW E30 Front Wishbone Kit

Select your required components below:

  • Front Wishbones
    Front Steering Arm – Bump Steer Correction Kit
    Complete Rear Subframe Arm and Wheel Bearing Housing Kit
    Tubular Rear Subframe
    Homologated DTM/Group A Pedal Box
    Aluminium Rear Boot Hinges

This is our range of Rally Corsa front wishbone kits for the BMW E30.

Each component has been designed to allow the user full control over their geometry.

All parts in this range are designed to be used in motorsport and rally applications. If used on the road, longevity is decreased whilst NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) is increased. Spherical bearings are ideal for race applications as they allow articulation without play. The downside is they require regular maintenance and inspection.

BMW E30 Prodrive
Front Wishbone Kit
Adjustable geometry spherical bearing arm kit, uses OEM mounting bolts but a rear bracket needs to be welded in, similar to what was done on the original DTM cars. Oversized chromoly spherical bearings, tubes and brackets with rear bracket made from S355 steel, all powder coated.
Bump Steer Correction Kit
These are a curved set to give clearance for the wheel and damper. Chromoly tubes and spherical bearings. Bushes need to be cut to length after calculating bump steer.
Rear Subframe Arm and Wheel Bearing Housing Kit
Fabricated from tig welded chromoly steel, this kit updates the rear geometry to E46 BMW. All mountings use spherical bearings. Bolt on wheel bearing housing and brake mounting use a later E36 unit. Some small weld in threaded bungs required. Suits 188mm E30 differential.
Tubular Rear Subframe
Tubular rear subframe for the E30 BMW, also available with height adjustable arm mounting points.
BMW E30 pedal box
Homologated DTM/Group A Pedal box
Homologated pedal box for the E30. Chromoly main frame and brake pedal with aluminium clutch pedal. Legal for historic racing.
BMW E36 m3
Aluminium Rear Boot Hinges
450G rear boot lid hinges. 1.6KG saving over stock.
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