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Mercedes W124 E Class Front and Rear Motorsport Arm and Geometry Rectification Pack

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  • Front Lower Wishbones
    Front Steering Arms
    Rear Upper Arm Set
    Rear Lower Arm Set

This is our range of Rally Corsa steering and suspension arms for the Mercedes W201 190e, W124 E Class and R129 SL Class. Each component has been designed to allow the user full control over their geometry.

All parts in this range are designed to be used in motorsport and rally applications. If used on the road, longevity is decreased whilst NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) is increased. Spherical bearings are ideal for race applications as they allow articulation without play. The downside is they require regular maintenance and inspection.

Mercedes W201 190 2.3 16V PRO front suspension arms Performance Kits and Components for Road and Track.
Front Lower Wishbone Set
This kit replaces the heavy front suspension arm with spring carrier for a powder coated chromoly front track control arm with adjustable spherical bearings and no spring carrier. This will need to be used with a coilover suspension rather than the inboard spring. Includes reducers for mounting positions and optional boots are also available.
Mercedes W201 190e Front and Rear Motorsport Arm and Geometry Rectification Pack
Steering Arm Set
Set of powder coated chromoly steering arms and center link with adjustable length and height spherical bearings for bump steer correction. Center link includes mountings for the OEM steering damper.
Rear Arm Set
Complete set of rear upper arms made from 2mm wall chromoly tubes with adjustable spherical bearings. Toe arms include bump steer adjustment. Designed to mount to the OEM mountings.
Rear Lower Arm Set
This is a length adjustable spherical bearing mounted replacement for the rear lower wishbone with spring carrier. This arm is designed to be used with OEM mountings but as there is no provision for the spring it must also be used with a coilover suspension.
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