W124 Ohlins TTX adjustable suspension kit

Ohlins TTX by Rennsport Factory 4 way damping and height adjustable coilover or inboard suspension kit

Ohlins TTX by Rennsport Factory 4 way damping and height adjustable coilover or inboard suspension kit




  • World class Ohlins TTX shocks
  • 46mm solid piston
  • 30mm through rod
  • Twin tube X-over
  • Lightweight design
  • Strut length and spring preload adjustable
  • 4 way damping adjustable
  • Valve reference program

The world renound Ohlins TTX range is has featured heavily in various Sports, GT, touring and le mans style prototype racing, along with being the damper of choice for many OEM high performance cars.

TTX stands for Twin Tube X-over. Rather than fluid flowing through the piston with ports and shims like the single tube shocks, fluid flows over the valves.

In compression, fluid is pushed out through the top of the inner cylinder into the compression adjuster valve, through the rebound check valve, into the outer cylinder and back back to the underside of the piston. As with a monotube system, as the shaft enters the cylinder, the same volume of fluid enters the reservoir comes out and this pushes the piston into the reservoir. In rebound, the fluid passes out of the inner cylinder, into the outer tube, through the rebound adjuster valve, crossing over into the compression check valve and back to the upper side of the piston.

As a much larger amount of fluid is passed through the valves, pressure is built up faster allowing the adjustors have a large effect in controlling small movements. With no cross talk between adjustors, and very little risk of cavitation even under the most extreme conditions, this damper suits all types of motorsport environments.

As nitrogen pressure is being applied to fluid both sides of the piston, the risk of the fluid going into negative pressure is reduced, allowing a lower nitrogen pressure to be used increasing sesntivity and reducing friction.

This set offers high and low speed rebound and compression adjustment individually.

The front is based around the TTX 46MT which the MacPherson strut and features a 46mm solid piston with a through rod of 30mm, the outer tube is made from an aluminium alloy which creates an ultra rigid yet lightweight strut. The rear is based around the TTX36 which has an internal reservoir with improved oil flow and is of a non through rod design.

The valve reference program allows you to map different shim stacks for this damper at the race side on a laptop making a valving change at the race track easy without the need for a damper dyno.

Also available with the TTX range is a blow off kit which consists of a new cylinder head prepared for the new kit, a valve block and a blow off adjuster. This blow off kit reduces peak loads which makes driving over curbs smoother and in the end prolongs tyre life and reduces the risk of flats.

Make Model Year
Make Model Year
Mercedes R129 SL Class 89-01
Mercedes W124/S124/C124/A124 E Class 83-95
Mercedes W201 190e 83-93