• Steel monotube dampers
  • 1 way compression and rebound adjustable
  • 24 Adjustment steps
  • Strut length adjustable
  • Replaceable O-rings
  • Black Chromium plated
  • Extra short bump stop
  • Aluminium air bag mounts
  • Anodised aluminium lock rings
  • Custom damper lengths available
Full set of air ride coilover shocks by Rennsport Factory to fit the BMW Z3 and E36 3 Series.
These are based around a set of monotube coilovers, and feature strut length and 1 way damping adjustment which adjusts compression and rebound in one knob on the top of the damper. The shock bodies are electro plated with anodised aluminium lock rings, a shortened bump stop, and a threaded air suspension bag sealed on the body and top with replaceable o rings.
They come 40mm shorter than most already lowered coilovers, the extra adjustments allow the user to fine the tune ride height range, ride quality, and handling. You can set the air spring to the pressure you find rides and handles well, then the height range can be set with the lower shock adjustment. This allows the user to drive around at what would be a normal 40-70mm lowering without the spring and damper bottoming out.
This kit is made to order and lead time is 2-3 weeks. As these are custom made, air spring and damper lengths and rates can be customised upon ordering.
Make Model Year
Make Model Year
BMW 3 Series inc M3 E36 90-97
BMW Z3 E37/E38 95-02