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Rennsport Factory Mercedes race flywheel with competition clutch (195-2616NM)

Rennsport Factory uprated Sachs Performance 184mm fast road clutch and dual to single mass flywheel kit to suit Mercedes W201/W202/W203/W204/W123/W124/W210/W211/W116/W126/W140/W220/W221/R170/R171/R172/C208/C209/R107/R129/R230 – M102 M103 M104, M111, M112, M113, M117, M119, OM605, OM606 flywheel with OEM or 60-2 timing markers

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Billet dual to single or single mass conversion competition flywheel
  • Forged chrome moly steel
  • Lightened to 3.4kg or 6-7kg
  • Dynamically balanced
  • 184 (7.25″) or 200mm (8″) competition clutch
  • Single, dual, triple or quad clutch options
  • Organic, sintered, or ceramettalic drive plates available
  • 195-2616NM torque rating

Rennsport Factory’s single and dual to lightened single mass flywheel conversion kit is available for nearly any Mercedes engine and gearbox combination. The flywheel is CNC machined from a billet of chromoly steel bespoke to each order. These are dynamically balanced and as the timing and starter gear are machined into the flywheel the end product doesn’t require any bolts or ring gears pressed on to the flywheel. The unit comes all one piece for optimum high rpm safety and machined to suit a 184 or 200mm racing clutch.

The flywheel is available with M102, M103, M104, M111, M112, M113, M117 and M119 timing markers for early 2/3/4 prong and the later 60-2. All timing markers are left in the OEM position where possible. Each flywheel is machined to order and will weigh in at either 3.5-4kg or 6.5-7kg. If there is an engine not on our list, please contact us, we’d be interested to develop it. Can be used to retro fit the Mercedes 6 speed manual gearbox as a conversion into an older car.

The racing clutch range have been designed for racing with the objective that torque is transmitted rapidly and directly from the engine to the gearbox. Reducing the weight of the crankshaft drive to lower the moment of inertia will considerably decrease shifting time whilst increasing vehicle acceleration performance in the lower gears.

Various 184 or 200mm competition clutch choices are available, all include a lightweight hard anodised aluminium cover, steel pressure plate and 1, 2, 3, or 4 drive plates available in organic, ceramettalic, or sintered and various torque ratings.

Organic clutches are progressive and more protective over transmission components but do not resist high temperatures as well as a sintered or cerametallic. Cerametallic clutches offer increased longevity against a sintered and suit applications where a degree of slip is required such as rallying or hill climbs whilst sintered clutches are more on/off in nature and due to thinner drive plates offer a lower height, weight and therefore intertia.

Some flywheels are in stock, if not the unit will be 2-8 weeks to get it through the machine shop. Please send us an email if you need an ETA before ordering.




2 Prong M102, 3 prong M103/M104-980, 3 prong with magnet M104, 4 Prong M117, 4 Prong M119, 60-2 for aftermarket management (M102/M103/M104/M117/M119/M120), M111, M112, M112 Late 03-, M113, M113 Late 03-, M133, M156, M271, M272, M273, M275, M285


OEM to engine choice, Custom (Will need form filling out)


Competition 3.5-4kg, Track 4-6kg, Lightened 6-8KG


Road, Fast Road and Track, Rally, Drift, Endurance Racing, Circuit Racing


-300NM, -400NM, -500NM, -600NM, -700NM, -800NM, -1000NM, -1200NM, -1500NM, -2000NM, -2500NM

Clutch Disc Material

Organic, Kevlar, Cerametallic, Sintered

Clutch Cover

228/240mm Sachs Steel Cover, 228/240mm Sachs HD Steel Cover, 228mm Helix Billet Alloy Cover, 228mm Twin Helix Billet Alloy, 228mm Triple Helix Billet Alloy, 215mm Helix Billet Alloy Cover, 215mm Twin Helix Billet Alloy, 215mm Triple Helix Billet Alloy, 200mm Helix Billet Alloy Cover, 200mm Twin Helix Billet Alloy, 200mm Triple Helix Billet Alloy, 200mm Sachs Billet Alloy Cover, 200mm Sachs Billet Alloy, 184mm Helix Billet Alloy Cover, 184mm Twin Helix Billet Alloy, 184mm Triple Helix Billet Alloy, 184mm Sachs Billet Alloy Cover, 184mm Sachs Billet Alloy, 140mm Twin Helix Billet Alloy, 140mm Triple Helix Billet Alloy, 140mm Quad Helix Billet Alloy, 140mm Twin Sachs Billet Alloy, 140mm Triple Sachs Billet Alloy, 140mm Quad Sachs Billet Alloy

Release Bearing

OEM (To Suit Curly Tipped Diaphragm), Aftermarket Motorsport (To Suit Flat Diaphragm)

Make Model Year
Make Model Year
Mercedes R107 SL Class 71-89
Mercedes R129 SL Class 89-01
Mercedes W124/S124/C124/A124 E Class 83-95
Mercedes W126/C126 S Class 80-91
Mercedes W140/C140 S Class 91-99
Mercedes W201 190e
Mercedes W202 C Class 94-00
Mercedes W210/S210 E Class 95-03
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