Bespoke competition components

Our aim is to engineer the highest quality components for competition and the road, specialising in the development of innovative suspension technology bespoke to every customer. With extensive knowledge of the classic Mercedes range our workshop can cater for any level of competition preparation or restomod.

We deal with various high quality suspension manufacturers to producse the highest quality kits at any given price point. Ohlins, Quantum Racing Suspension, EXE-TC, Penske, KW, Bilstein, H&R, Eibach, Proflex, Koni, Intrax, JRZ, and Tractive are all available. As we deal with such a wide range of companies, this enables us to offer unbiased advice and a completely personalised service to suit you, your budget and your vehicles requirements.

Our kits are built from a combination of custom fabricated components with our own range of dampers or from any of the brands mentioned above. This combination allows us to bring the highest quality suspension kits from the best manufacturers to nearly every car bespoke to you at price points which aren’t usually available to a customised suspension kit.

As each kit is made bespoke to order, with most applications you can specify your own spring and damper rates and lengths if required. If you would like us to calculate the ratings for you, we have a specialised dynamics calculator which with the correct inputs will produce excellent results every time, or if you have a specific set of ratings or target wheel frequency you would like us to implement we can also achieve this. Any level of ride quality, performance or combination of the two can be achieved.

The only downside to our kits is depending on damper choice, application and options, delivery can range from 1-10 weeks, some of this is down to the manufacturers. We do carry a wide range of stock, so if you have a time limit or would like to know a more specific lead time, please contact us.

Details on availability, lead time and options are on each product page. We try to put as many available kits up as we can, but if you have a request, or an application we do not list, please contact us and we’d be happy to produce it. Discounts for bulk or club purchases available.

We can also cater for offroad and military suspension systems.


We’ve developed a large range of clutches and flywheels and can engineer a solution from scratch to suit almost any application and level of torque. Lead times can be long on this service. Please contact us if you require with details of your application

M119 throttle bodies

We can fabricate inlet manifolds from aluminium in either welded, billet, or cast to suit a large range of individual throttle bodies. Welded being the most cost effective on single orders, cast the most cost effective on multiple orders, and billet being the least cost effective but most aesthetically pleasing.

Sachs Racing RCS 200mm twin plate

Almost any Mercedes can be converted to a manual gearbox with the help of our conversion flywheel and clutch system and in some cases adapter plates. M113 to BMW getrag, M117/M119 and 320CDI to Mercedes 6 speed adapter plates are available but can take some time to produce..

Brembo Racing Carbon Disc and 6 pot caliper

Brake conversions are available for almost any application and can be developed if not. Calipers and 2 piece discs from Brembo and AP racing available to suit all levels of competition.

Restoration and modifcation services

Restored OEM and competition suspension building

With your steering knuckles, subframe, arms, hubs etc, we can restore this to better than new condition with various choices on coatings. All components are inspected, blasted, these can then be painted, or for the best corrosion resistance, we can zinc plate the units prior to our industrial coating. This coating is similar to what is used for the oil and gas pipes that go under the sea and offers the most corrosion resistance available on the market. Non-stick properties suit it to under vehicle components and its thin nature means it is extremely light in weight.

For competition applications, we can reinforce the subframe, fabricate solid subframe bushes and adjustable arms with spherical bearings for most applications.

The quality of the outcome is entirely dependant on the donor parts, hence we do not offer this service on an exchange basis. This is usually a cheaper alternative to purchasing the parts new from the manufacturer.

Restoration, Modernisation
and Preperation

We only deal with the highest quality brands and technical partners to offer almost any level of restoration, modernisation, motorsport chassis preparation or combination of these to build your dream car.

For the road going cars, components like tyres, suspension, brakes, bushes, and headlights have developed and vastly improved over the years, we have a much better understanding of how each component functions compared to when the cars were designed. This modern technology can be modified to improve the performance on the road of older cars whilst retaining its original characteristics. A simple brake, suspension and tyre upgrade can transform any older car.

Some are surprisingly good platforms for their age, whilst we are biased the best example of this is the W201 190e and W124 era of Mercedes, these cars came standard with a 5 link rear end in 1982, this very setup was patented for 25 years and used without modification for most of the range. Coincidently, now found on various BMWs, Mazdas and other brands. Once set up with a sporting biased they perform extremely well, let alone for their age.

A lot of the dream cars of this era have now gone through the roof in price, to the point where it more viable to build a replica to a higher quality and specification than it is to purchase an original car. You can build a CLK63 AMG black series with all new parts for less than it costs to buy one, or a V8 190e Evo for less than it costs to buy an original.

To the left are some videos of a customers 190e55 project being chemically dipped and stripped of rust prior to chassis reinforcement work being carried out for a 5.5 AMG Kompressor engine conversion with 6 speed manual 4 wheel drive system.