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Audi A3 8P1 / A3 8PA Sportback A3 8P1 / A3 8PA Sportback – AST and Moton Height and Damping Adjustable Coilover Suspension


AST 5100 / 5200 / 5300 series

Includes springs


All AST and Moton dampers are monotube in design. Oil and gas are separated which offers a larger oil capacity and main piston when compared to twin tube. This combines to improve response and thermal resistance whilst preventing cavitation (aeration of the oil). Weight of the units is reduced through having less parts and the ability to use aluminium as damper bodies.

Each AST and Moton kit is specified bespoke to the car and driver, with the dampers being rebuildable for years to come this ensures long term ownership.

Please note some of the pictures may be generic.


  • Mainly rebound with a smaller amount of compression adjustment on one knob.
  • Most simple to use but a limited range compared to the 2 and 3 way.


  • Offers rebound with compression adjustment both independently via external reservoir.
  • Larger range of adjustment to cater for customer preference, different scenarios or changes to specification.


  • Offers rebound on the rod with high and low speed compression adjustment independent via external reservoir.
  • Largest range of control.
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