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TVR Cerbera 4.5 Short Induction Kit


Short Induction Kit for Cerbera AJP 4.5.

Short Induction Kit for Cerbera AJP 4.5.

Kit includes:

  • Carbon Fibre air box back plates
  • 8 x large internal trumpets
  • 8 x Fluero lined fuel resistant silicone hoses
  • 16 x full stainless clips.

These are specially designed to create swirl into the combustion chamber, by adding a “twist” to the hoses.
We would expect to see gains of 25BHP + in some cases much more, cars should be chipped / mapped after fitting.

Hoses are normally supplied in black, please enquire if you would prefer a different colour. 

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Make Model Year
TVR Cerbera
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