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Individual Throttle Body (ITB) kit for Mercedes M113 Engine

Individual Throttle Body (ITB) kit for Mercedes M113 Engine

  • *ITB Diameter
    *20, 40, 60, 80mm trumpets
    *Billet Fuel Rails
    *Bosch Injector Set
    *2 x TPS
    *Twin Drive by Wire Units
    *ECU with loom and base map

45 or 52mm Shaftless Throttle Bodies

Machined from billet with oval butterflies for improved flow.

These suit all M113 engines, 4.3-5.8 and are available with various options to tailor the kit to what you require. Please note this will need an aftermarket ECU to run the ITB system and is machined bespoke to order. 3 month lead time is likely.  

RPM fuelling in check by avoiding fuel hitting the port walls.

– Billet aluminium trumpets in various lengths (custom also available)
– SLS 3D printed extensions also available in various lengths.
– Billet aluminium fuel rails with spacers to suit various injectors
– Center pull cable linkage or dual drive by wire
– Contactless TPS for improved longevity
– Various ECU kits available
– We're working on a universal V8 carbon airbox kit, contact us if this is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Single and dual throttle systems are more cost effective to produce hence usually found on most road going engines.

Individual throttle bodies can be found on many performance cars and most naturally aspirated competition cars. The reason is they offer large improvements in throttle response and efficiency due to the reductions in pumping losses from atmospheric pressure being available for each cylinder. This is achieved by applying an individual butterfly for each cylinder rather than all cylinders sharing a single larger throttle body.

The result is a change in engine note, increase in volume all whilst improving overall power levels and throttle response.

Runner length can be tuned with the trumpets which can alter the torque curve and peak HP. Each engine is different but generally speaking a high rpm engine will benefit from having shorter runners and a wider torque curve but less peak hp is achieved with longer runners. These systems offer the most improvements when matched with an aftermarket ECU. This gives finite control over all engine variables offering improvements in accuracy.

If you need an ECU, as many of our customers are international, we generally recommend you go local for the ECU kit as you’ll get better long term support. Check who your local tuner recommend.

If required we can supply a range of ECUs with DIY wiring looms to chose from if required. For the UK we can supply Emerald and Motorsport Electronics. Europe we supply KMS but there are various others available depending on location. Australia and New Zealand have various good ECUs such as Link and Motec.

This is becoming a popular option to go with our throttle body kits. Road cars have given The system has a bad reputation based on poor throttle response in the OEM vehicles, a proper motorsport ECU and modern drive by wire unit a fast and accurate response whilst providing mappable throttle curves, throttle blips on downshift for sequential boxes and control of engine braking.

We’re working on a modular universal V8 carbon airbox kit, contact us if this is required.

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