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Individual throttle body kit for Mercedes W201 190e M102 8v 1.8-2.3


ITB throttle body kit for Mercedes W201 190e M102 8v

Mercedes 190e M102 8V 1.8-2.3L Individual Throttle Body set

• Cast inlet manifold and ITBs
• Port Injectors and fuel rail included
• Cast curved and tapered extension
• Spun trumpets
• Optional secondary injection system
• Optional W201/W124 carbon plenum
• Optional front intake airbox, trumpet and filter system

This is our cast ITB kit for the M102 8v. Usually found in a W201 190e in 1.8L, 2.0L and 2.3L variants but also seen in the W124/S124 200E and 230E.

The manifold is cast and has been designed with a port firing injector, the kit is supplied with a specific modern injector that fires fuel directly at the valve. The middle injector position is available to be used but will be blanked off for most kits and there is an optional secondary injection set with air guided injectors fitted to the extensions to allow higher RPM engines time to atomise the fuel before it gets to the port.

There are 4 cast individual throttle bodies and 4 curved and tapered extensions. The curvature of this kit improves the length available for the inlet tract. The trumpets can be purchased in various lengths up to 80mm to cater for most engine variations.

The optional carbon fibre plenum is our large volume unit designed around the W201. This will be fed by a front intake system with airbox, filter and trumpet that will sit by the radiator.

The kit includes a cast manifold, 4x cast ITBs with linkages, 4x Bosch EV12 port injectors, fuel rail, 4x cast curved and tapered extensions and 4x spun trumpets. W201 carbon plenum and intake system will be confirmed asap.

Make Model Year
Make Model Year
Mercedes W124/S124/C124/A124 E Class 83-95
Mercedes W201 190e
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