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Mercedes W201 190e 2.3-16 & 2.5-16 inc Evo 1/2 Fast Road and Competition Performance Camshafts


Mercedes M102-16v fast road and competition performance camshafts

  • Application
    Springs, Retainers and Lifters
    Ultra Low Friction Coating

Performance camshafts for the M102 16v engine

We have a range of performance camshafts for the M102 16v engine found in the W201 190e 2.3 and 2.5-16, ranging from OEM to full race and anything between.

Track and race have ratings designed to work with higher specification NA engine builds. These will require a valve spring upgrade. If you know the specifications you need, send us a message. If not let us know engine details and we will choose the best suited kit.

OEM Camshaft

The OEM camshaft is configured to be a compromise between idle smoothness, fuel efficiency and overall power band. This compromise is at the sacrifice of performance and gains are to be had in the higher rpm range from a performance camshaft. The road kit still idles fairly well and doesn’t loose a huge amount of low down torque, the fast road will idle slightly rougher but gain more top end in exchange for some performance at the lower rpm range. Both camshafts are road going performance camshafts.


  • Chilled cast camshafts
  • OEM to full competition specifications available
  • CNC machined
  • Turbo and custom variants available
  • Optional kit including double valve springs, retainers and followers

These are CNC machined chilled cast units with a range of profiles developed. The track and race cams should be used with upgraded valve springs which are available additionally if required. The fuel and ignition will need reconfiguring to achieve the best from any of these kits. Bespoke profiles are available for an additional cost.

We recommend all components that come into contact with the camshaft are replaced to prevent premature wear. We can offer to coat the camshafts with an additional low friction coating which improves surface hardness and reduces friction in the valvetrain through improving efficiency. Please note this will increase lead time. Please contact us with any specific requirements.

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