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Mercedes W201 190e Complete Vulcanised Polyurethane Bush Kit for Front and Rear

  • Performance Road/Light Track
    Optional Front & Rear Top Mount Set

Why Polyurethane Bushes?

Polyurethane bushes can be useful in some applications and specific fitments. They have never been a favourite here and that is because most spin around a center bush, which needs greasing. The grease combined with road dirt turns into a grinding paste. When suspension load is added, the bushes will start to squeak and eventually elongate the hole. The load and slight press fit causes a stiction in the bush which is an undesirable trait in any suspension.

OEM bushes are vulcanised into the housing, this creates a rebound effect, pushing the wheel back to its original position. This is lost when fitting some polyurethane bushes and why they need to be tightened at static ride height. The downside is OEMs usually prioritise NVH over performance. We have a range of vulcanised polybushes for various models of Mercedes. Available in performance road and light track options catered for by different shore ratings of the poly. This method of bush making retains the OEM rebound effect and doesn’t require lubrication.

Complete front and rear bush kit includes:

  • 4 front wishbone bushes
  • 4 ARB
  • 16 rear arm bushes
  • 4 subframe bushes
  • 2 ARB.

Optional Front and rear top mount kit

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