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Large Universal 4/5 Cylinder Carbon Fibre (Fiber) kit – Airbox, Air Filter Housing and intake trumpet to suit ITB (Individual Throttle Body Conversions)



Universal 4 and 5 Cylinder Carbon Fiber/Fibre Airbox for ITB (Individual Throttle Body Conversions)

  • Dimensions are 495mm Length, 195mm high and 165mm wide. Intake diameter is 125mm.
  • 1mm wall thickness means the unit is as lightweight it can be whilst retaining excellent strength once fitted. This does mean it is not suitable to plenum applications, but contact us if that is a requirement.
  • Included is a flat carbon fiber backing plate that lips around the airbox and secured with latches for quick removal. This is also available in 15, 30 and 50mm depths if more capacity is required.

Additionally available is an air filter housing kit for a conical K&N unit that attaches to the end of the airbox. This is available as a straight unit or with a 15 degree angle to allow various intake positions by spinning the housing attachment to the airbox. Included in this kit is an intake to suit a 125mm hose, the K&N filter, filter housing and attachments.

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